Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Struggling Reader in HIGH SCHOOL? or Reading Disability?

In the literacy centered world that we live in, there is an approach to tag each student walking through our doors with a number that directly correlates to their "reading levels." There are two issues that strike a nerve for me in this process 1) Why label? and 2) Is the label overused or misused?

I want to specifically address the second topic. Why in the world is it that no one can answer my questions at the high school level? What is the difference between a "struggling reader" and a "reading disability?" Moreover, why are some students granted an IEP for this, and some are not? Dyslexia as a disability seems to be common; however; are "struggling readers" incorrectly put into this box? As a high school professional that deals mostly with "struggling readers" it is a difficult notion for me to work with students labelled as a "reading disability." A disability seems to be something that we can't resolve.

Are these labels misused? Are we incorrectly overusing them? Are the labels themselves hurting the students?